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Our cattle yard designs have evolved over the many years we have been manufacturing, changing with the needs of each individual situation. Circular cattle yard designs with curved race sections are very popular designs and work very efficiently.

M & M Stockyards can design a cattle yard system to suit every stockman

Australian Designed for Australian Conditions

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15 - 70 Head Cattle Yard Plans

15 - 70 Head
Cattle Yards

80 - 100 Head Cattle Yard Plans

80 - 100 Head
Cattle Yards

110 - 160 Head Cattle Yard Plans

110 - 160 Head
Cattle Yards

180 - 220 Head Cattle Yard Plans

180 - 220 Head
Cattle Yards

230 - 280 Head Cattle Yard Plans

230 - 280 Head
Cattle Yards

285 - 365 Head Cattle Yard Plans

285 - 365 Head
Cattle Yards

370 - 460 Head Cattle Yard Plans

370 - 460 Head
Cattle Yards

475 - 600 Head Cattle Yard Plan

475 - 600 Head
Cattle Yards

Safety Force Plans

30 - 175 Head Safety Force Plans

30 - 175 Head
Safety Force Plans

210 - 420 Head Safety Force Plans

210 - 420 Head
Safety Force Plans

465 - 700 Head Safety Force Plans

465 - 700 Head
Safety Force Plans

Naming Conventions and Cattle Yard Sizes

Our cattle yard names are based on the working capacity - not the holding capacity.

To be consistent in our naming convention we have based our yard sizes on 1.3m2 per 500kg beast weight. To compare different yard systems, the holding capacity can be worked out by dividing the area of the yard by 1.3.

We also use other basic abbreviations in our naming conventions such as;

(CR) - Curved Race design

(HSR) - Horseshoe Shaped Race design

(Weean) - Weean race design

(SR) - Straight Race design

Our cattle yard designs are proven to work. Over the years we have modified our designs to grow with the changing need in safe cattle handling. Our systems consist of portable cattle yard sections including cattle panels, gates in frames, slide gates in frames and other portable frames where needed.

The yards can be moved or modified if needed. Gates and panels can be swapped around and the yards can be extended at a later date. You can start by putting the race and force sections into an older set of yards and build from that into a complete new cattle yard system, or just replace the sections that will no longer cope with the workload.

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