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Celebrating 30 Years!


M & M Stockyards manufactures sheep yard systems using portable modular sections including sheep panels, gates in frames and full modular drafting sections. The beauty of this type of system is that nothing has to be set in concrete. The yards can be moved or modified if needed. Gates and panels can be swapped around and the yards can be easily extended at a later date.

Our sheep yard system can be easily modified,
relocated or sold at a later stage.

Quality and customer satisfaction is the focus of M & M Stockyards. When you deal with us you are dealing directly with the manufacturer, not an agent, so our sheep yards can be modified and customized to your specific needs. We will computer draft your sheep yard designs to suit any existing structures and quote on yards to suit you.

Proud to be Australian Made

Steel We Use for our Sheep Yards

M & M Stockyards prime stockyard product is all first grade material from the Australian Tube Mills. This material is galvanized on both the inside and the outside of the material and has the highest galvanized coating for this type of steel on the Australian market.

We use 3 different size materials for the rails in our sheep yard panels and gates.

Cattle Yard Panel Gal Steel

- 30 x 30 x 1.6mm gal square rail (SHS)
- 53 x 35 x 1.6mm gal oval rail
- 75 x 40 x 1.6mm gal oval rail

Our Sheep Yard Panels

Our standard sheep yard panels have six rails and are 2.16m, 2.8m or 4.17m long and 1.05m high. We can also manufacture sheep yard panels to custom length or height. We use two styles of panel rail material - 30 x 30 x 1.6mm gal SHS (Square Hollow Section) or our heavy duty panels have five 53 x 35 x 1.6mm oval rails and a heavier top rail of 75 x 40 x 1.6 gal oval rail. The heavy duty panels have 50 x 50 x 1.6mm gal shs posts with a removable post cap that allow a star post to be driven through the centre of the post to provide further stability through-out the yards.

M & M Stockyards can also manufacture sheep yard panels to custom designs and sizes.

30 x 30 Sheep Yard Panel 53 x 35 Sheep Yard Panel Sheeted Sheep Yard Panels

30 x 30 Sheep Yard Panel

53 x 35 Sheep Yard Panel

Sheeted Sheep Yard Panels

M & M Stockyards sheep yard panels, like our cattle yard panels, are priced complete with our low noise cleating system, our unique joining pins, galvanized post caps, galvanized foot plates, 400mm long - 12mm round foot pins. All inclusive sheep yard panel pricing!

We also offer a sheep yard panel post upgrade. Our standard panel posts are manufactured with gal material that is 1.6mm thick, we offer an upgrade to 2.5mm thick gal material, as this is the part of the sheep yard panel that is sitting on the ground. We have priced this upgrade at a cost of the material only. All of our other components (gate frames etc.) come standard with a minimum of 2.5mm thick gal material.

Sheeted sheep yard panels are used in the force areas to create a blind area for sheep to feed into the race.

Manufactured by Aussies

Sheep Yard Panel Joining / Pinning System

Identical to our cattle yard joining system our heavier sheep yard panels have our unique "U" shaped zinc plated cleat with a 19mm round hole to fit a tapered 16mm zinc plated pin. The lighter panels have a 14mm oval hole with a 12mm solid pin. This system is a low noise joining system with no sharp edges or protruding parts, located at both the top and the bottom of each end of a panel or gate frame. Each panel has two foot plates with two foot pins provided to allow the components to be pinned to the ground. The pinning system at the top of the panels has been positioned so that sheep's legs cannot get caught between the posts.

Quality Australian Stockyards

Gates for Sheep Yards

M & M Stockyards manufacture many different styles of gates, with various hinges and catches

Sheep Yard Gate in Heavy Duty Frame

Sheep Yard Gates -

Our sheep yard gates are either 2.16m or 2.82m long and 1.05m high. They are complete in a heavy duty 65 x 65 x 2.5mm gal SHS braced frame that is "U" shaped to allow easy access. Similar to the panel posts the cap is removable to allow a star post to be driven through the centre of the post to provide further stability throughout the yards. The gate catches are a quick action chain catch.

Sheep Race Frame Sheep Race Gate in Frame

Sheep Yard Race Gates -

Race gates are manufactured to a specific length to provide an internal race width of 550mm for both single and double races. They can be installed at the ends of the race, as well as midway to provide shorter sections in the race. Race widths can also be customised to suit your application.

3 Way V Race Sheep Drafter

3 Way V Race Sheep Drafter

3 Way V Race Sheep Drafter -

Our 3 Way V Race Sheep Drafter has a total length of 3.5m with the sheeted V section being 2.5m long and the drafting gates being 1.0m long. The height of the sheep drafter is the same as our sheep yard components at 1.05m. The two drafting gates have been made with 25nb pipe ends to reduce sheep catching on the posts as they are drafted. The two handles are bent slightly outwards so the operator's fingers don't get pinched while drafting. The two race gates either end are reversible depending on which side you would like them to catch. The V sheeted area assists drafting by single filing sheep and reduces the occurrence of sheep turning around as they approach the drafting gates.

Delivery and Installation -

M & M Stockyards can deliver and install your new sheep yard system. This is done by one of our fully trained staff members, with your assistance. We have our own truck and trailer fitted with a crane to make unloading on-site no problem.

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