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Celebrating 30 Years!


M & M Stockyards have now expanded into sheep yard systems using portable modular sections including sheep panels, gates in frames and full modular drafting sections.

The beauty of this type of system is that nothing has to be set in concrete. The yards can be moved or modified if needed. Gates and panels can be swapped around and the yards can be easily extended at a later date.

M & M Stockyards can design a sheep yard system to suit every stockman

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40 - 860 Head Sheep Yard Plans

40 - 860 Head
Sheep Yards

1560 Head Sheep Yards and Combination Yard plans

1560 Head Sheep Yards and
Combination Yard plans

Sheep Yard Sizes - Naming Conventions

Our sheep yard names are based on the working capacity - not the holding capacity. To be consistent in our naming convention we have based our yard sizes on 3 sheep per square metre.

This is only an approximate figure as the number will vary with shorn sheep as opposed to full wool sheep.

Contact Shane, Judy, Chris or Nathan at M & M Stockyards
to discuss your sheep yard needs!

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